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The conclusion of the younger Aurelia Mitela’s adventures…

Early 1980s Vienna. Recovering from a near fatal shooting, Aurelia Mitela, ex-Praetorian and former foreign minister of Roma Nova, chafes at her enforced exile. She barely escaped from her nemesis, the charming and amoral Caius Tellus who grabbed power in Roma Nova, the only part of the Roman Empire to survive into the twentieth century.

Aurelia’s duty and passion fire her determination to take back her homeland and liberate its people. But Caius’s manipulations have isolated her from her fellow exiles, leaving her ostracised, powerless and vulnerable. But without their trust and support Aurelia knows she will never see Roma Nova again.

Published by Pulcheria Press 27 April 2017
Paperback: ISBN 9791097310004    Ebook: ISBN 9791097310011

RETALIO concludes the story of Aurelia Mitela’s part in the Great Rebellion that characters like Conrad, Imperatrix Silvia and Aurelia herself as an older stateswoman refer to in the first four Roma Nova books, INCEPTIO, CARINA, PERFIDITAS and SUCCESSIO.

The first Aurelia Mitela adventure, AURELIA, started this second cycle of four in the Roma Nova series, NEXUS continued it, and INSURRECTIO showed us the terrifying rise of a nationalist demagogue and his brutal power grab. Now read on…

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Alison Morton is the author of Roma Nova thrillers –  INCEPTIO, CARINA (novella), PERFIDITAS, SUCCESSIO,  AURELIA, NEXUS (novella), INSURRECTIO  and RETALIO,  and ROMA NOVA EXTRA, a collection of short stories.  Audiobooks are available for four of the series. Double Identity, a contemporary conspiracy, starts a new series of thrillers.

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